Confessions of a Camp Leader: Cave chaos

The other day a volunteer came back to the staff area where I was sitting and said “hi…i just wanted to give you a little FYI… of our cabin leaders is stuck in the cave and can’t get out. They are waiting for a cave rescue guy to come and chisel him out.” Im like “WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING!?” Oh my word.

Turns out, the tour guide had offered some of the group to go back a little further into the cave, but warned everyone that if their chest was deeper than 10″, they shouldn’t go. Craig Matlock decided he’d go back. Somehow he got in, but while trying to exit, his sternum got stuck on a small rock and he just COULD NOT get through. So there he was…stuck and helpless. He wasnt in pain and he wasn’t panicking..he just had to wait. When the cave rescue guy came, he ended up not having to chisel him out. Instead, he had him step in strategic spots and some how he managed to get him unstuck. Phew! That will be a camp story that live in infamy!

Here’s the short video to prove it!


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Camp Leader: Cave chaos

  1. I would be in MAJOR panic mode!!! Claustraphobic!! But, of course, I wouldn’t have gone in the cave to begin with. I’ve done the cave thing, don’t ever need to do it again. I’m glad all went well. Can you imagine a teen girl stuck in that cave? Major drama and hysterics!!!

  2. okay…that’s not even funny…I was not breathing and almost getting dizzy because of the darkness while watching that video…later on I showed my husband and again stopped breathing while watching it with him. First of all, I don’t go in those places cuz I don’t breath in tight spots…Looking at other comments not very many of your friends enjoy tight spots. I’m the type person that gets off an elevator if too many people get on…I just can’t catch my breath…ok, and those guys laughing…it’s wasn’t funny…

    not to spiritualize everything but that is a great lesson specifically for you…look at it…feeling like your stuck…in a really tight and dark spot…He is the great rescuerer!

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