This is the official procrastination blog. The blog that i inevitably write when i get soooo busy that i just shut down and do something frivolous with my time..such as writing a blog. Sometimes I clean when i reach this point as well. But not tonight. Tonight, its the procrastination blog.

This week is camp week. Its a marathon, let me tell you! It started yesterday, and it will go until July 21st at 6pm. And considering I really havent had any “do-nothing” days in the past few weekends…the marathon feels like its already lasted a month! PHEW. I’m totally exhausted! I did actually just go to the pool for about 20 minutes just to wake myself back up!

Tonight Im working on writing some riddles (yeah, its quite a task to out-think middle schoolers and high schoolers and creatively write these clues when its almost 10pm and I have no brain power in me!). I’m also working on a few other things for camp. And i REALLY wanna get started on writing CampGroups curriculum. ahh! My goal is to get them all done before 1:30am tonight (tomorrow morning?). And then spending some time journalling to prepare for my second counselling session tomorrow morning at 9am. (Counselling is the best thing in the world. everyone should go.).

SO…that is my life right now. work work work work work, eat, surf the web for a few minutes, work work, of course restroom stops every hour, work work work, coffee, lots of coffee, work, blog, work, coffee, diet coke, eat, coffee…oh..and did i mention work?

Its possible ill be back again tonight if i hit writers block. BUT LETS HOPE THAT DOESNT HAPPEN!!


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