Angie the Exhorter

Now, I’ve been told that I have the gift of encouragement, mercy, administration, creativity, faith, leadership and a few others, but when i re-took a spiritual gifts test a few months ago and “exortation” was off the charts, I was a little nervous. Why? Because I didn’t even completely know the DEFINITION of exortation, let alone what it was…and now this little thing called “exortation” suddenly appears on my grid out of NO WHERE, and it had soared to the top!? Must be a security breach, someone must’ve hacked into me and switched a few levers!!

But then I went to the trusty internet and looked up “exhort” and “exhortation” and this is what i found:

To encourage, spur, press, goad. To spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts. Language intended to incite and encourage. The ability to help others reach their full potential by means of encouraging, challenging, comforting, and guiding. The ability to minister words of consolation, encouragement, comfort, and counsel to other members of the body in such a way that they feel helped and healed.

Ok…i will say, i was a bit relieved to know that exhortation included encouragement, so its not like i was bitten by the exhortation bug and had completely been transformed into a different person. And actually, if i was honest with myself, that test was right on the money. Wow. I knew I was fueled to encourage, but i knew it was so much more than that. There is this spring welling up inside of me and i just must lift others up. I just must. I will burst if i do not tell others how incredibly amazing they are. And i must not be fooling myself, because I have been told that I have this gift at least 3 times today alone.

I have a lot of gifts, and at times, Im not sure i feel allowed to use all of them…but this one…the OFF THE CHARTS gift…this one i will NEVER stop using. No one will ever be tired of a compliment, a word of affirmation, comfort, consolation, counsel, a challenge, or guidance.

I am…Angie the Exhorter.


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