I’m Angie, and im a blogger.

I’ve been talking about picking up some hobbies for some time now. I need something to escape to and balance out my life so it is not just consumed with work. So i’ve been thinking about reading more, shooting some photography, and still trying to consider a few more things. You know..blogging is a hobby, but who wants to say “yeah im totally a blogger. my stats are getting better! and comments have been on the increase lately.” ok, i know ill be shunned for saying that because bloggers read this….but i feel like a total nerd saying that blogging is an actual HOBBY of mine.

But for the first time last night, while talking to some friends who don’t blog at all, I admitted that I’m a blogger and if that makes me a nerd, then i dont care. It was quite an accomplishment to admit it..but i feel much better now. Nerd or not, i actually do find enjoyment in this. So there we go. I have at least one hobby.

What hobbies are you embarrased about? Stamp collecting? Bird watching? HTML coding? Share it.


5 thoughts on “I’m Angie, and im a blogger.

  1. Haaaa! I don’t think blogging makes you nerdy. The only reason why I don’t tell people is because I don’t want them reading it. lol.

  2. blogging does not make someone a nerd. i am proud of you for admitting you’re a blogger. but the reality of is, you’re simply a writer. does being a writer make you a nerd? nope. so just because you happen to write on a blog, where there are comments, stats and traffic… doesn’t make you a nerd.

    buying a fish and naming him after a Japanese delicacy makes someone a nerd. đŸ™‚

  3. Here you are embarrassed and I just started blogging…. HA! Do you want to trade some hobbies? You could take up needlepoint…yeah I totally see you doing that. HA!

  4. I hope you remember you drawing,been thinking of all the bad weather all around what would I take if I had only a little time to get what ever,it would be the thing’s you grandkid’s did, the angels pictures you made just can’t buy those .
    for now it seems your so busy I think you need to take a few NAPS

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