Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!

My dad turns 50 today. That’s just weird. I used to think 50 was old..but definitely not anymore. I told him today that 50 is the new 30…because there is just no way that my dad is old. And this proves it: for his 50th birthday, he is going parachuting!! How awesome is that?! My dad rocks.

So in honor of my dad’s 50th birthday, I’m breaking this video out of the vault. I filmed it on my 22nd birthday when my friends and I spent the night in a hotel and had a total blast. Things like this happened, and we’ve laughed about it for months. The funny thing about this video is that my dad doesnt think my friend Crystal is real because each time they come down to KC, something comes up and they havent had a chance to meet her.

So here you go dad…my imaginary friend Crystal is wishing you a happy birthday along with Julie doing her own impersonations. Happy happy happy birthday, dad. I love you!!!

Enjoyed the video? Tell Crystal and Julie thanks!! Crystal was mortified that i was putting this up, but agreed to let me if I plugged her ad space campaign. Crystal is going to South Africa this September and still needs $1000 before then! Please check out her blog, consider purchasing an ad space, or just donate!!! It is a life changing experience…please help her out!!

And again, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY DAD!!!


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