freaky freedom

It’s time for us to unplug. No one is exempt. Free yourselves from the gizmo gadgets that are running your world. They’re helping you de-clutter your life? Ha. Yeah right. Oh and im not just talking about bloggers or computer lovers. You have a phone right? Where is it right now and when did it last notify you about a text, a twitter, or a change in whether? Yes, I even mean YOU.

As most of you readers know, I took a month sabbatical from writing on my blog. Partially because I didn’t have internet at my apartment, but largely because of my life’s circumstances…I felt I simply had nothing of importance to write about. During that month, I experienced a freaky form of freedom. A freedom from busy-ness, a freedom from trying to impress readers, a freedom from trying to conform to everyone else’s time schedule, a freedom from overworking, and a freedom from something I thought made me feel free. I thought browsing the internet or blogging or working from home whenever i pleased was a sign of freedom..i can do what i want. And while it did prove my independance, it sucked all of the dependance and true freedom out of me.

During that month, I had the chance to completely be still. To be quiet. To listen. To seek. To wrestle. To truly FEEL the emotions raging through me. To truly live out Psalm 46:10…to be still and know that He is God. For the first time in a long time, I was able to be intimate with my Maker. To rest in His arms during some of the most difficult, heart-wrenching, enraged, sad, uncontrollable times of my life. 

And I’m not alone in feeling this freaky, odd sense of freedom…this unexpected freedom of sorts. Several well-known bloggers are also experiencing this freedom as they take a break from the digital world. People such as Anne Jackson, Spence Smith, and Lynse Leanne.

This is what my bedroom has looked like over the past week. Do i feel free? Not at all. I feel trapped, overwhelmed, and distant from God. So I feel like its time to unplug once again. No, not from blogging. But maybe from working too much outside of work. maybe from pointless web surfing. Maybe from obsessively checking my Gmail or facebook account.

Here we go. Join the rest of us. UNPLUG. Find that freaky sense of freedom you would’ve never expected.


3 thoughts on “freaky freedom

  1. There is a well known business man in Oskaloosa, Iowa who owns Drost Equipment, a John Deer dealership…he told my father, when my father tried calling him at home and didn’t get a hold of him…he said “I don’t know if you know this, but I pay for my phone, and I use it when I want to use it…all the other times I have it unplugged because everyone else who seem to want to call me don’t pay for my phone bill but they think they can use my phone”…I thought at the time it was so weird but it makes sense…no one steals his time and money (or the use of his phone)…

    When we moved to a small farm I kinda went through that “unplugging” too…we didn’t have cable tv, we didn’t have cell phone reception, we didn’t have high speed internet…I thought I’d died…but now all that is better…we got it all installed…whew!

  2. i have particularly enjoyed my unplugged time. i haven’t been online at night nearly as often as i used to and for good reason. i’ve been able to explore kansas city a bit… did you know there’s a TON of free events? free shows? free musicals? free plays? yeah, i’ve all about unplugging and recharging by something not electronic. and i may or may not have even cracked open a book or two.

  3. Can i just say that it has been the most freeing thing i have done. to not be run by my cell phone and upset if i didnt have internet.

    Oh man! i have loved it! i have learned that the world will continue to exist even if i dont answer a call or a text….or use twitter everyday.

    Thanks for linking to me. I hope that through all of us blogging about this people will also disconnect and find the freedom that we have.

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