Kristen has cancer

This is my friend Kristen. I met Kristen at Kindergarten Round-Up. Or, at least the first day of Kindergarten, i don’t remember exactly. Kristen and I hit it off from the start. She was creative. I was creative. We went to school together all the way through grade school, middle school, and high school. In high school, we were in a bunch of art classes together. We would goof around a lot in Mr. Faulkes’ class…but I don’t think he minded. Kristen has the type of random, spontaneous, fun, spunky personality that you just want to be around. She’s the definition of “bubbly.”

Three weeks ago Kristen found out she has cancer. After years of wondering if everything was okay, but having the doctors assure her it was, she went back again only to find out she has colon cancer. They don’t know what stage it’s in yet, but she just went through one surgery to remove part of the cancerous colon. In the last email I got from her, she couldnt even describe the pain she was in after the surgery. I really can’t imagine.

As with anything, when these things happen, you just wish you would have kept in touch better or whatever. But im glad that I’ve been able to talk to her a bit through email. I’m hoping that even the slightest amount of encouragement will help as she is trapped in a hospital. I know that she is making the doctors laugh…how could she not? She’s probably constructing sky scrappers of Jello or something really weird like that. I was browsing through some of her photos to post on this entry, and I had to stop only after looking through a few because she had so many hilarious ones. I couldnt possibly put them all on here. These photos are a shining example of who she is. She is awesome.


Please pray for Kristen as she undergoes all of the proceedures cancer will demand of her; pray for the doctors to have wisdom to discern all that is going on and how to properly treat it; and pray for her family to be comforted through all of this. Thanks.


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