It’s the real deal.

Ok people, this is big news. I officially have my own desk, my own computer, my own position, and my own phone extention at Westside! This is the real deal. I’m official!! 🙂 No more floating around the building wondering what my job will entail for the day, or if ill be able to jump on someone’s phone or computer to do my work. This is big. 🙂 Maybe I’m boasting a little too much. After all, I was the last person to make all of this happen for myself. First off, looking back over the past year, only God could have orchestrated things in the way that He did..making even the smallest doors open leading to the next, and the next, and the next. Meg and Gretchen played a huge part in being my advocate, always supporting, encouraging, and putting a “bug” in someone’s ear about a future for me at Westside. (thanks!!) And then John, our new family pastor, somehow saw potential in me and gave me a shot…moving me to a ministry position as Associate Director of Middle School which then turned into High School when Meg resigned. And here i am today. And these are on my bedroom floor tonight….

They will soon go up in my office to make the desk my very own…adding my own touch! 🙂 Its the first time I’ve gotten to decorate my own office…and, if you can’t tell, i’m excited. 🙂 Picture will most definitely be on my blog tomorrow after I get everything set up. Picture frames are only HALF of what I’ve got in store! 🙂


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