Your daily dose of laughter

At WHSM (thats my new abbreviations for Westside’s High School Ministry) we have a new student leadership team in charge of creating YouTube videos for our youth…from welcome videos, promo videos, recruiting videos, announcement videos, Yay God! videos…you name it, we’re going to do a YouTube video for it. As I was browsing for some ideas, I came across this video that Saddleback’s youth ministry did for announcements.

Don’t tell me you didn’t laugh. And if you didn’t, you’re one boring person. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Your daily dose of laughter

  1. that’s hilarious, i love that guys laugh. you should also check out the mill’s welcome/announcements video, (called the friday night show)… they are funny too and they do something different everytime. (under “experience”). you may get some good ideas there.

  2. Okay, I’m the odd duck here but I didn’t find the video at all amusing…in fact, I found it a little disturbing…just giving you my opinion! I enjoyed seeing your apartment Miss Angie…very nice! And you seem so very happy with your life and that makes me happy! Love you and pray for you much!

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