Friday’s are now even more exciting for me!!! Why so exciting, you ask? Because friday is the new saturday! Since I am at church all day on Sunday, it is considered a part of my job. So instead of saturdays and sundays being my weekend, it is now friday and saturday. I love that! Today has been my first friday off, and it has been mui beuno (very good!).

I slept in today (because i could) and took a walk around my cute little quiet neighborhood. I passed a garage sale where I saw a black bookshelf just the size i was looking for!! After walking back to my apartment and cleaning up, i went back and bought it for a DOLLAR!! Seriously, i now love garage sales! 🙂 There are only a few scratches on it..the back right corner is a little broken off from some water damage they said they had, but its up against a wall, so no one will ever see that!! 🙂 I’m pretty sure they must have gotten it from walmart, cuz it matches the taller black bookshelf that i bought earlier this week. Pretty sweet!! 🙂

Then i had to go change my address at the post office and pick up the mail that is still being delivered to MNU. (By the way, if you want my new address, email me and I will hook you up! 🙂

I’m finally back after some errands and my goal is to unpack the rest of the boxes in my room…i’m not sure if i’ll accomplish that or not, but we’ll see!

Tonight I’m going to Theatre in the Park with some friends to watch the musical “Oklahoma!” If you dont know what Theatre in the Park is, its a huge theatre stage in the middle of a huge park here in Lenexa. Its no amphitheatre…its a full blown production stage! And the seats? Either blankets or lawn chairs that you use to sit on the huge grassy hill facing the stage. Its lots of fun!

And then my friends are coming over for a movie night and they might even stay over. Seriously, how fun!!! I am loving having my own place! And another great thing about this place? I live a mile away from Meg, so last night she just picked me up for a quick Sonic run…just because we could!! I can’t tell you how much i’m loving living here. What’s in store for tomorrow? Possibly more garage sale shopping and swimming at my pool! 🙂  


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