Skippin’ town

Its been a week since I’ve posted on here, and really, I havent missed it at all. They say that when life deals you hard blows, sometimes your normal habits and hobbies just don’t seem to matter anymore. I guess I could say that’s been true for me too. Not only have i not written on my blog, I haven’t read other people’s blogs either. I guess it just kinda seems pointless right now. Things are so busy and so crazy and so up in the air that blogging seems useless right now.

The reason I’m writing today is to let everyone know I’m headed out of the country on Sunday and wont be back for two weeks. But since I’ve been gone about that long already…it probably wont really matter. I’ll be headed down to Croc, Mexico with our high schoolers for a missions trip.

It will be good to get away from the lists, emails, cell phones, etc.

Talk to you when i get back…


7 thoughts on “Skippin’ town

  1. Hard winds, hail, tornados…are all hard to take, life does change, things that used to matter do fall by the way and you pick up on other things…and you look back at life…in about 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and if you are content with Jesus by your side…that’s all that matters! Family, friends, jobs, hobbies, material things all come and go…but Jesus stays with you forever! Hope you have a blast in Mexico!! You’re so cool and I’m glad to get to know you again…in this phase of your life…rock on!! Love you!

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