Sorry. I’ve been gone.

This weekend I had high hopes of getting some great snapshots with my new camera…i even asked you guys to give me some suggestions. You did. Unfortunately, i didnt. I didnt get home until 9pm that night, stayed up until 2am talking to family. Woke up saturday and went to lunch with family (yes, i slept until then)…spent more time with family at the nursing home visiting my grandpa. Short nap. Went out to my other grandma’s house and spent more time with family. Went to sleep. Woke up. Drove back to KC and moved into a new place for a few weeks. And this place doesn’t have internet.

Sorry I’ve been missing. But I’m not sorry for spending time with my family. I will be better at posting eventually. Just not until i get a regular stream of internet again.  🙂 Until then, please bear with me.


2 thoughts on “Sorry. I’ve been gone.

  1. HI, SAT. evening was so much fun ,we all needed to LAUGH again .your conversation with GOD ,been there done that.
    take care LOVE@ PRAYERS grams

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