We’ve crossed into the RED zone.

That’s right. We’re now under a high alert warning. “A warning for what?” You may ask. This “friendship bread” is in high risk of being eaten today. The problem? It is not mine.

Our great Middle School Director, Klint, was in a baking mood last night and made some delicious loaves of Amish Friendship Bread..or at least that’s what i think he said it was? I could be wrong. All i know is that it is fabulous. And it’s possible it has a bit of crack cocaine in it as well, because it is addicting. He brought one for me, Meg, and Gretchen. The problem is that mine, to be sadly honest, is nearing its completion. Yeah, im a fat kid who likes her bread..what are you going to do about it? On the other hand, Gretchen unfortunately forgot hers in our office when she left today.

The result? We may have a mystery case of “missing bread” in the morning we’ll have to solve. We shall see…


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