Burnt lasagna

This, my friends, is lasagna that has been cooked in an oven at 400 degrees for 16 hours. Yes, thats right. 16 hours. How did that happen, you ask? Oh…friends…let me just tell you.


It was all so innocent. You see, if you remember correctly, I had places to be on Sunday afternoon. Something minor like a college graduation, nonetheless. So to cover my responsibilities of making dinner for the high schoolers that night, I asked some of our volunteers to do it. I usually have volunteers make the dinner, but i am always around to see that everything runs smoothly. But as a leader, I tried to let go a little and delegate. After all, I had to be somewhere….graduation.

To help out the volunteers, our amazing Hospitality Director, Judy, put the 7 lasagnas in the 3 different ovens and the volunteers had planned to come in and take it from there. All went as planned. The volunteers got everything set up, the plates and napkins and utensils, put the garlic bread in the oven, pulled the 5 lasagnas out of the 2 different ovens, served the kids…i happened to walk in while everyone was eating because graduation wasnt as long as i planned…everyone ate, we had our service, the volunteers left, i helped clean up, everything was back in its place, lights off, doors locked, gone for the night.

Back up. Rewind. 7 lasagnas went in. 5 lasagnas came out. Problem.

At 8am on Monday morning, Shelly, our receptionist, walked in to the smell of horribly burnt something. As I’ve been told, Shelly reports the morning like this: I went into the kitchen to find the source of the smell, “and like a dummy, I opened up the oven and smoke poured out of it. It got in my nose, in my hair…i reek of smoke.”

Friends, let me tell you….this made my day off so awful. How bad could that have been…seriously, it was so dangerous. I know that it wasnt my fault at all, I wasnt supposed to be at church that night anyways…but they were my volunteers and I feel so responsible. So how did it happen? The volunteers didnt know that there was a third oven with lasagnas in it. And I wasnt aware of how many lasagnas were in the ovens, had already been served, etc. So i had no clue to check the ovens before i left. Dinner was almost over by the time i got to church that night. But like i said, it wasnt my fault, so i shouldnt blame myself. But I hear a few people weren’t exactly happy about it. Which is understandable.

Needless to say, I’m a little nervous to go back into work tomorrow morning, since i had yesterday and today off. Yikes….


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