Living out of a box…

So in lieu of the fact that Andy’s wedding has been called off, this means I wont be living with him for a month before i move into my own apartment. Sooo…you’re expecting a freakout right?

Well, with all of the emotions running wild these two weeks, there is definitely not enough left in me for a freakout. This is a good thing. So, where am i living? Well…i’m pretty much living out of my car…and im not kidding. lol.

This weekend my parents and I packed up my entire apartment and I sent it home for 6 weeks. The only thing i have is my computer (of course!), a handful of books, my Bible, and my clothes/toiletries. Seriously, i’m not joking. Take a look…


My life pretty much got boxed up and sent to Iowa until I move into my own apartment.

So what am I doing until then? Well…for this week, I will be staying in my bare apartment at MNU (seriously, i just cant get away!!) Then, the next three weeks I will live out of my suitcase at Lindsay and Ashley’s (her sister) apartment. Then, in June, I am house sitting for a co-worker for 2 weeks…until i FINALLY move into my own place!!! Praise Jesus!

You thought i was crazy when i was freaking out about living in a box after graduation..huh?


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