One week ago…(video)

…Emma got to take that big jump up to heaven where she’s now running around giggling, singing, and hanging out with Jesus. Man, I can’t believe it’s already been a week. What a hard week its been. We rejoice knowing she received her miracle! We also grieve for all of the memories we didnt get to share, for the dreams that didn’t come true, and for the time we never got to spend with her. She impacted so many lives during her short time here…through pictures, emails, stories…we really connected to her.

This weekend, things became even more real when we saw video of her for the first time. Opening her eyes like a normal, beautiful baby. Hearing Jon and Ali tell her how pretty she looked. She was a normal baby…one that you just want to hold all day long. That video made this grieving process even harder, but it was so beautiful. Ali posted the videos from the funeral today.

Get lost in the oceans of her eyes….

God grant us peace…


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