You should take some lessons…

…from mommytoJ. Seriously, you dont comment like she comments. Um, check out my “thank you” post..she commented on it twice. Once she just wished me to have a good day. For real…you’re not as good of a commenter as her. Step it up, people. Oh, and pinkhairedgirl is pretty fabulous at commenting as well. These are people you need to take lessons from. If you dont have a blog, that means you should have even more time to comment. If you do have your own blog, this is a way to get your name out there, so you should comment as well.

People…for real…comment.

That is all. Over-n-Out.


5 thoughts on “You should take some lessons…

  1. It is upon this evening in the year of our good Lord, two-thousand and eight at approximately half past the 23rd hour, that I confess my expression of obligation to leave a “comment” regarding this blog after reading this post….I hope this will count as an adequate contribution in succeeding your efforts of influence on would-be commentees. Therefore, upon on this doing, I may also issue a formal decree and be abliged with a return phone conversation when convenience for oneself is established, as discussions are set to take place regarding ministry opportunites such as mentioned in your blog post first prior; middle/high school volunteering, etc. Your eventual input and expertise would be much appreciated regarding this matter.

  2. i’ll admit. i understand the joy you get from seeing “comment awaiting moderation”
    so from now on whenever I visit your site and I don’t exactly know what to comment on..
    i will tell you i love you. because its true.
    and you should know.

    so this just in angie- I LOVE YA! :]

  3. LOL….you’re too funny! I’ve never had anyone write a blog post about me before. Now I feel pretty special. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂

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