Praying for Emmalee

Rather than try to explain things second hand, I’m just going to re-post what my cousin, Alison, wrote on their blog at Please lift Emmalee up in prayer. Thanks!

Well little miss Emmalee is throwing the doctors for some loops. We are asking you all to be praying for a miracle for our little girl. This morning she was doing good. Had stayed stable throughout the night. They wanted to run some tests on her this afternoon and clean up her chest again and then do an echo so we took off for a bit for them to do that. Well we got back and they gave us the result. The head EEG showed them signs that there may be head trauma. There was brain function but some of it seem sporadic and not quite what they wanted. Then with her heart the ECHO showed that she has a clot in her right ventricle that could still dissolve and break up but they don’t know exactly where it would go. She also has a valve that is leaking and they don’t like the looks of that. The cleaning of her chest went good and they are still taking some of the fluid off her body. So right now we are going to just see how the next two days go and let God be in control. The doctors had talked to us about whether or not it’s time to let go but they also said that we could give it a couple of days here and see what she does and so that’s the road we are going down. Just pray for our little girl that when they go back in and see her that they will be shocked and amazed as to her progress. We can’t say it enough…God is good all the time. He knows His plans for our little girl and we have to be okay with whatever they are. We are just praying that He heals her completely and that her brain will function normally and that her heart would be healed. Thank you all for lifting her up in prayers tonight.
Jon, Ali, and our little fighter Emmalee


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