Generosity pt.1

I’m back from the Young Givers Retreat. And let me tell you, it was so completely opposite of what I expected, and I believe the other 15 people who came would probably say the same thing. I guess I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe a conference or workshop of some sort? Being flooded with statistics and images of poor starvng kids? Yeah, I’ve been there and seen that…you dont have to convince me to give, I’m already on board. But the main focus wasn’t about giving.


Ok, it was still about giving and generosity, but the main focus was being set free from what was holding you back from intimacy with God. If we are intimately in love with God, we will be passionate about what God is passionate about. We wont be tied to our things and unable to give, because we realize that all we have is God’s anyways. That nothing matters except God alone. Deep heart issues. I cried more in one day than I have so far this entire year. Yes, even more than all of the South Africa experiences together. Why? Because God has been softening my heart and breaking me of all I hold on tightest to so that He can be my first love again.

Generosity is not about our obligation to give money. Its about the outflow of our intimate love for God.

What’s holding you back from intimacy with God?


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