Hold me under the water.

Ever have those days where you feel life is flooding you so fast and so forcefully that you just can’t catch your breath? It’s been one of those days.

I start looking at the numbers and wonder, how will i ever be able to handle it all? Why is the cost of living so high? How are people even surviving with prices like these? How do people even manage to buy shampoo after paying rent, utilities, car bills, feul prices, insurance, food, etc, etc, etc.

Will i have to work until my body collapses because of all I have to pay for? How do people live here…seriously. I hate this. I feel like someone is holding me under the water and wont let me come up for air.

It’s days like these that i want to leave everything and move to Africa. Its not insane like it is here. And then I remember…oh yeah….i have bills to pay. So off to work I go….


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