Late night at the college computer lab??

I forgot my computer at work. How in the world does that happen!?! I put my backpack in the closet to get it out of my way in the office and totally forgot to grab it when i left tonight. I was in a hurry…didn’t want to be late for a fierce dodgeball tournament that we had with our high schoolers. And so…there sits my my my work. And i sit in the computer my school library..with all of the ghetto kids who don’t have computers of their own and must have therefore formed a society of late-night-computer-lab-non-white-in-da-hood-speakin-ghetto-kids….and i have the privaledge to hang out with them tonight. lol.

Actually, i was going to sit down and do some homework that i can accomplish without a computer, but then remembered the assignment was in my the know the drill. So, i headed over to the fine establishment called Mabee Library (cuz “mabee” you’ll find an interesting book if you cross every one of your fingers)…i headed over here to print off my assignment from our online blackboard site. But, now that im here…i might as well surf the web a little, eh? 🙂

And so here i sit. Most likely for the last time. In the computer lab. in the library. at this fine educational institution. that i am TOTALLY saying “peace out” to in a few weeks. Rock on.


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