Breaking the Statistics


This morning in class my teacher held up a magazine with a black girl on the cover. The big, bold title flashed something about the “AIDS EPIDEMIC.” It was a typical lame missions design. Surprisingly, the girl was smiling in this photo, which is usually not the case. Yet, for a split second, that girl and that epidemic became a statistic to me again.

So i wonder….how is it possible to break the statisics for the people who have never experienced Africa if even I get sucked back into them sometimes? How do i make those statistics real to people who haven’t witnessed it? See, the problem with statistics is that its “not my problem.” But fun, spunky, beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented kids who you love so much that you want to adopt them and call them your BFF…now THAT is my problem.

So i’m wrestling to figure out how to make these statistics and this epidemic REAL to those who haven’t witnessed it. It IS our problem. It IS an injustice we must fight against. It IS something worth sacrificing for. So how do i get that point across?

Thats my plight today.


One thought on “Breaking the Statistics

  1. See the problem with this and our relationship is that I want to comment and have these convos with you…but in reality I don’t know if you really want to share and talk, or if you are just processing. Please let me know if you want my opinion, or if you are trying to figure it out on your own. You are brilliant, and I have zero doubt that God is leading you. I think that sometimes it would be better over coffee. You are being prayed for.

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