What makes a good friend?

Meg and I had a chance to hang out and talk the other night for a few hours. It was really great to spend that time with her. During our conversation, this question came up “So, what makes a good friend?” I mean, there are people who make you laugh and you call them first to go shopping. There are people who totally think like you, or totally have the same personality. There are those who are totally opposite than you which completely fascinate you. There are those that have excellent skills and carry themselves in such a great way. But really…what makes a good friend?

Social status? Fun factor? Powerful personality?

We came to the agreement that a good friend is someone who you want to surround yourself by, because you want to be more like them. Having fun is AMAZING, and its definitely a good thing to have in a friendship…but if it’s all fun and games, and you never grow, how good of a friend have they been..or have you been to them? I’m thankful that I am friends with some pretty incredible people….people who i DO want to reflect as I continue to grow.

So i’ve been thinking about who I want to be as I grow up. What qualities do i want to posess? These are some things I’m looking for or have found in friends: confidence, faith, hope, humility, generosity, strength, perseverance, love, a servant’s heart, faithfulness, wisdom, discernment, solid character, obedience, trust, inspiration, Biblically-grounded, and Christlike.

As parents always say…who you surround yourself with will determine who you become. So true. Why not pick out people who you want to be like?


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