He could snap His fingers, but he chose to use us.

I’ll boldly admit that many of my thoughts during this re-entry process have been a little off base. I’m not advocating that we all stop going to starbucks and pick up the habit of eating 10 cent packages of ramen for every meal. God isn’t calling us to poverty (thanks for reminding me, Kristi)…God has blessed us. Gluttony is still wrong. The American consumerism mentality isnt the best either. And it really bothers me when i see it at church. But thats another story. Most people wont understand what is really happening in Africa until they experience it for themselves, and thats okay. I didn’t either. I can’t be mad for the lack of understanding. But it is also my responsibility to bring Africa home and to help people experience it as much as they possibly can..until they have the chance to see it for themselves. Okay, so I’ll step off my soapbox and start telling you about a thought that danced into my mind today.

I happened to stick around for our middle school ministry’s service this morning. They are doing some pretty amazing things there, and my great friend, Meg, does an incredible job of leading worship. I am drawn into the presence of God when she leads. So we were singing…”We cry holy, holy, holy is the Lamb.” And the whole time im thinking “if God is a holy, just God….and he sees all that is happening in the world….it doesnt make sense why this crisis is happening in South Africa and other countries of the world.” Pretty general thought process…right? Tons of people think that. If God is good, how can this be happening? Okay, pretty basic.

But then i started thinking about how we, as Christians, are called to be interested in the work of the Father. We were made in His very image! We are to love the things he loves. Maybe…just maybe…this crisis in Africa isnt about the lack of God’s presence or love. Maybe God is just looking down at us saying, “You are to be my hands and feet. You are to represent me with every step you take. My mercy, love, provision, justice IS in the world…it is in YOU! I could snap my fingers and cure every disease and injustice in this world, but i am calling YOU to be my hands and feet. YOU are to be my voice. YOU are to be my hands and feet. I am calling YOU to show my provision to these people suffering from starvation. I am calling YOU to show my love to dying AIDS victims. I am calling YOU to represent my mercy and justice in the world by impacting the people around you to make a change…one person at a time.” There is no doubt that God is moving and working in only ways that he could. There is no doubt that what happened last week on our trip was only orchestrated by Him…not by man. But maybe God is wanting us to step up and represent him in the very same way he designed us to.

Just thoughts….


One thought on “He could snap His fingers, but he chose to use us.

  1. well, my friend, i happen to believe your “just thoughts” are absolutely SO right on. we ARE called to be his hands and feet. i don’t think there’s any arguing with that. well put.

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