One of the girls that I really fell in love with was Maritia Saise. Maritia was in my cabin during the 3-day camp that we held for these orphans. She was not one to be in the spotlight, but was generally found on the sidelines. Throughout the week I had with her, I connected with her in so many ways. I will share more about Maritia in the next few days, but I was thrilled to find out that when our middle school ministry, Crave, decided to sponsor a kid this week…it was Maritia! Since I was her cabin leader this past week and I totally bonded with her, our youth staff asked that I write up a short summary about her to share with the kids this Sunday at church. There is so much about Maritia that i didnt share in these few paragraphs, but I wanted to get the ball rolling on my blog by sharing just a few glimpses of a girl i totally fell in love with.



Maritia Saise is a middle schooler just like you! She’s an awesome 12-year old girl who loves to eat….especially ice cream! What middle schooler doesn’t love to eat!? By looking at her wardrobe, you can guess that she loves the color pink! (She wore pink shirts almost every single day!) The first time you meet Maritia, she appears to be a quiet and shy girl…but don’t let her fool you! She’s a brilliant girl who knows how to have fun! She’s definitely a trickster and could totally out-do any prank the average middle schooler could pull! You’d never guess she was a quiet girl by the way she danced, swam, and sang!

Maritia’s dad is a white police officer and her mom is a colored woman. Because of unhealthy circumstances, she stays at Jehovah Jireh Children’s Village where she lives with 50-70 other kids! Can you imagine the waiting line for the bathroom!? Woah! Her native language is Afrikaans, but she also knows English fairly well. She’ll pretend she doesn’t understand what you’re saying, but the grin on her face lets you know she hears every word!

For a while, Maritia knew Jesus as a man in the Bible, but after going to camp last week, she now knows Jesus as the Lord of her life! You should have seen the smile on her face when she made that decision! She’s now on the journey to discovering who Jesus is.

Here’s where you come in! You can be the hands and feet of Christ by showing love to Maritia. You can show her what Jesus is all about with your prayers and support. By sponsoring Maritia, we are clothing her, feeding her, giving her a place to live, and providing for her needs. When you get the chance, check out Matthew 25:35-40. These verses tell us that when we love and care for others, we are doing it for Christ. Pretty cool, huh?! As a middle school ministry, we have the chance to completely and totally love a girl named Maritia by sponsoring her with our money. We have the awesome opportunity to sacrifice our own wants and desires, so that with our money, we can impact one girl’s life forever! Don’t miss out!


One thought on “Maritia

  1. Angie, you really have a way with words.
    now this could be because i’ve heard so much about africa, and the girls.
    but your little summary just made me want to sponsor a child myself. (how much money is it anyways?)

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