How can this be okay?

Well, i’ve officially hit every form of re-entry possible. Isolation…anger…and now guilt. It started with that cup of Starbucks, and its fed into many other things. They say its common for people to come back from missions trips and be disturbed by their formal “regular habits.” Such as grabbing a starbucks, for instance. Or tonight when sushi sounded really good…and i dont get that often, but every once in a while, its fun to go out with a friend and enjoy it. But when i think that almost 500..FIVE could be fed with the money i spend on that, i can’t bring myself to do it. I hated every minute it took to fill up my gas tank on Wednesday…why does it cost SO much for gas? How can this be okay!?

 It really really bugs me when people complain about things that don’t matter at all. Like a patch on the wall that hasnt been painted yet…but it was a big deal to someone that insisted it be fixed right away. In my head i thought “Um, NO ONE is dying from this issue…there is NO NEED to get so worked up about it. There are much greater problems in the world.”

 I think im going back into the isolation form again. I’m so glad it the weekend. I plan to process a lot. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to share some of the things I experienced. The need is so great, and i want you to be apart of the solution with me. We CAN make a difference.


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