So if you’re mad, GET MAD!

Tonight I remembered watching this video a few months ago, so i searched for it on YouTube and watched it again. It sparked so many emotions within me. The facts that they claim at the beginning are so true. What makes me so mad about this video is that this isnt what it looked like. The landscape was not perfect where these kids lived….it was TRASHED. There was glass and trash EVERYWHERE. Rusty swing sets, if they were even lucky enough to have that. They didnt have a nice, big orphanage…they had a small, rundown, cluttered house crammed full of kids…they had shacks barely standing up. I hate that the kids in this video all had blonde haired dolls. The last thing they need to idolize is a rich American. I hate that most of this was probably staged..with the concert set up where she looked so distant from these kids. I can’t judge her, because she may have loved these kids just as much as i did…but the big flashy show really turns me off.

 But the words are still so powerful. Oh..why do you look so sad? …Don’t be afraid to cry. I’ve seen a dark side too. I’ll stand by you. Wont let nobody hurt you. So…if you’re mad, GET MAD! Don’t hold it all inside. Come on and talk to me now. What do you have to hide? I get angry too. 

This video sparked a lot of emotions in me. Anger…anger at this video, anger of the injustice that i saw, anger for the future of many of these kids if wrongs arent made right. Also a gut-wrenching sadness. Something was different about this trip. I fell in love with these kids, and i didnt even take the time to consider the risk of losing them. I ALWAYS consider the risk of losing someone before i make the step to love them. But for some reason, I didnt even think about it on this trip. I fell totally in love with these kids…and im not even a kid person! Yet it suddenly clicked that out of anyone I’ve ever loved, these kids hold the highest risk of being lost……to HIV, to rape, to abuse…the list could go on. Which then sparked more anger.

This video probably wont spark the same emotions within you, but its still worth watching. It still tells a story of a horrible injustice that MUST be stopped. I hate how Americanized it is…but it still has a good message. Watch it.

I’m not much of a crier. I havent cried much on this trip, but I have a feeling I havent even hit the emotional side of things yet. My emotions may just now be showing their face. Its possible I will see quite a few tears in the next few weeks and months. And it all started with a stupid american celebrity….


One thought on “So if you’re mad, GET MAD!

  1. Hey…I don’t know if I am going to say this right. But from our experience…everyone “experiences” this place differently. This is a brand new revelation to me. For quite a while I was just as mad (and rightly so) that people weren’t on fire for the injustices of the kids here….but then I (in my sin) became so judgemental and angry that it blurred my own sense of right and wrong. I was too passionate about them rather then staying on course about what I was here for. Not to say that is what you are doing…but I had to learn to surrender. Everyone has a different view of what Africa is all about. Some it is statistics. Some it is moving here…some it is prayer, some it is singing a song, some it is giving…some it is something entirely different. But regardless I think that we both have to come to the point of total surrender of our feelings because when we get all fired up (again – rightly so) we have to align it with what God is calling us to be fired up about and actually do something about it. Personally, since you are asking…I am so super excited and thrilled that you are fired up about the injustices of the children in South Africa. Thank you for loving the kids here. We need more people like you. But I think you might need to keep me accountable to it, I might misstep a bit and get angry at the wrong person or people and freak out.

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