Goodbye S.A….Hello U.S.A.

Way, way, way too many hours on a plane and i am finally back in the states. Most of the team was thrilled to be back, to see family, to experience some of the joys of home. I was not one of them. I am dying to go back. I do not love that I am home. Since getting back, I’ve gone to dinner with Meg and Miguel and talked about S.A. the whole time, and then came home and showered and looked at pictures and watched videos from S.A. and now I am planning on journaling about S.A. I know that re-entry can be rough sometimes…but this is brutal. I wish the trip never would have ended. There is so much on my heart, so many things shifted deep within me, love sprung out of me in ways I’ve never seen before, my smile was more genuine than i’ve seen it in forever, friendships were cemented hardcore with new memories and a deeper love than ever, and new friendships were formed that i am so grateful for. I am so very tired and so very emotional. Expect to hear about Africa for many many many weeks and months….I want to share every detail. For now, I am going to journal and get caught up on my jet-lag problems.

Thank you for praying while I was gone…i have been forever changed.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye S.A….Hello U.S.A.

  1. You know that whole thing you said about loving people and not being able to do it unless you are in the moment with them? Yeah…already convicted of that. Thank you for being so obedient. I adore you. He adores you and I am so praying for you. We are here for you and are loving you. We are on skype if you wanna talk. woop woop. I don’t know what that means. But woop.

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