Slappin’ the paint on a canvas

Okay…so, i’m a bad student and have skipped the last 3 class periods of my painting class. lol…uh, yeah. So i went in today, knowing that i had a painting due next class period…i carried in my supplies because i just bought them the other day…canvas, paints, brushes…the whole 9 yards. I set my stuff down, cracked out the paints and got to work. I finished the entire painting in one 2-hours class period. My classmates have been working on this painting for the last 3 classes. Here’s the finished product…..


I always knew i worked best under pressure.


4 thoughts on “Slappin’ the paint on a canvas

  1. Ah!!! Beautiful. It’s been a while that God has put it in my heart to start painting. I have no clue where to start but I do know that it is ever present in my heart!! 😀

    Again, awesome job…

  2. whoa. awesome!
    that is the part i’m scared of for that art major detail.
    i got the computer stuff down. but it never comes out how i want it to when my hands are in control.

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