South Africa numbers…

Some of you have asked how I’m doing in my support for South Africa. I am doing surprisingly well. I have a few pledges that have yet to actually come in (although I have no doubt they will)…but once those come in, I have between 200-300 dollars still to raise. SO…not sure if i should use my blog as an advertising space…but if you havent given, and would like to donate, there is a link to the right side of this page that will send you to a secure PayPal screen. If the internet scares you, feel free to mail it to me and I will get it to the right spot. If you don’t have my mailing address, email me at and I’ll get that info to you. 🙂

When I’m more awake, I will post some exciting things about the trip that are coming into view. Sneak Preview: I’m co-leading the writing of the devotionals and breakout sessions for a camp we will be holding for the kids of South Africa. Woah, big task. Anyways…more about that to come later.


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