Christmas in Iowa

I always make jokes about the fact that I am from Iowa, but I have to give it a little credit…there’s just something about being in a small town that is relaxing and comfortable. No more hustle-and-bustle. No more bigger-and-better mentality. Just simple, down to earth, authenticity. Of course I love the city. I love the fact that there is a target 5 minutes away, rather than 30 minutes away. Or that you don’t have to drive an hour to find an American Eagle. But there is something about HomeTown, USA that gives you breathing room, and some time to reflect on life. As much as I miss my friends back in Kansas City, I am loving this time to catch up on things and have a little alone time to really think on things. I’m sure that the longer I have to reflect, I will have more to write about on here. But don’t worry, I do still have my handy camera…and I have already been taking TONS of video!! But rather than post 50 entries this week, I just created a new page that will contain all of my Iowa videos. πŸ™‚ So check out my Welcome Home page for some Iowa-style videos! πŸ™‚


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