Stacking Hands

I read this today on and thought it was very appropriate with Westside’s Family Forum tentatively coming up tomorrow (that is, if the weather cooperates). It also really applies to my church at home. Great thoughts.

I like “stacking hands” as an expression of teamwork. Stacking hands is probably an athletic term from inside the huddle, right? The plan is called out by the quarterback, and everyone puts in their hands to the center and yells out something unintelligible – quickly rushing off to fulfill their specific roles.

Stacking your hand on the pile is saying….

“I understand the play” – if you’re hand is in the pile, it means you understand the course of action from here. Things are clear, the next steps are ready to be climbed. Further decisions and adjustments are sure to be made, but in this moment you are up to speed with your head in the game.

“I am in support of this direction” – you might not have been a fan before the meeting or challenged the call during the meeting, but when you leave you believe.

“I will protect the person calling the plays” – there’s nothing worse than a coach being ragged on by his players. Putting your hand in the middle says I’m part of this from the beginning to the end and if you win we all win and if you lose we all lose.

“I’m committed to making the play happen” – the team is counting on you to perform your assigned tasks. The success of the play – whether it is stopped for a loss or goes for a touchdown depends on each member of the team. Did you know that most football plays are designed to go for a touchdown if everyone does their assignment?

“I’ll pitch in with the team” -Putting in your hand isn’t just saying I’ll do my best in my little silo – it is saying that I’ll keep my eyes open to the needs of others and you can count on me to jump in and add energy and octane when it is needed. It says I won’t wait to be asked, I’ll take responsibility in part for the whole team’s good.


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