O come, O come Emmanuel

I’ve been thinking about anticipation. The longing that Israel had for the birth of their Savior. They waited in expectancy. I now understand why they were fervently praying “o come, o come, Emmanuel.” They were a captive Israel…that mourned in lonely exile…until the Son of God appeared. For so long the world laid in sin and error, till He appeared and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoiced! It was a divine night, a holy night when Christ was born. They craved the arrival of redemption until He finally appreared.

We are there again. Waiting. ANTICIPATING the return of our Savior. LONGING for Him to come to restore all of creation. All creation GROANS for His return. To fight the final battle and proclaim once and for all that He has the victory over evil. That day that satan will no longer have any grip on earth. When will that time finally come where we no longer have to go head to head with satan, when we no longer have to deal with our broken human condition, when we can finally just lay in the presence of Jesus and worship him for eternity?

We also have times in our lives where we are ANTICIPATING once again to see God in a fresh way, to hear from Him in new ways, to experience Him in clear light once again. Having a deep expectancy to meet with Him when we open our Bibles, when we sit in silence, when we go to church. Being SURE that we will encounter God.

What is anticipation? How does it relate to Christmas? How does it relate to the entire creation story of God? How does it relate to my own relationship with God? What importance does it have?



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