I love free wireless.


Whoever came up with the genius idea of providing free wireless access should be given a cookie. I mean, really.

On several of my past Monday nights, I’ve been able to head over to my local Panera to just hang out…by myself. Yes, by myself. And really, I couldn’t wish for anything more. I mean, not having my own room and all…its hard to find a spot to just be quiet…to just relax….to reflect. Panera is that place for me right now. I find Sabbath there. In the midst of the many, many people who come in and out of that place within the two hour time frame I inhabit a seat, I find solitude. If i feel like browsing the internet, I browse. If i feel like reading a book, I read. If i feel like spending time to just talk to God, I do so. It’s in those two hours that I really rejeuvenate. I need more Panera time in my life. We all do. I think for some of us, that time is found in our own homes…our bedrooms…our living rooms with friends or family. For some of us, its the church service we go to. For others, its hiking out into the woods for hours or even days. For me, its Panera. And i’m so thankful that i have that time in my week to detox. Without it, my system would go into overload a lot more than it already does.


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