What's YOUR lover's name?

The book of Hosea is so provocative, and i love it. I mean, have you ever read this book completely? For a school design project, we were assigned to choose a book out of the Bible and design it as if its a single, separate book completely. I chose Hosea. Its a scandalous romance novel wedged in between Daniel and Joel. I think its my story.

God calls Hosea to find a whore, and marry her. Hosea finds Gomer, who fits the description, and makes her his wife. This marriage is a direct correlation to God’s marriage with His people, Isreal. His devoted, passionate, pursuing love for His wife…while His wife is traipsing around finding her next fix, her next one-night-stand, the next temporary high. It doesnt make sense. Why would she leave her incredible lover for a cheap imitation of a good time? Does she see how false it is? Doesn’t she realize these temporary highs are faker than rubber chickens? FAKE! Why would anyone in their right mind give up this unimaginable love, this pursuing, passionate love?…A lover who is always finding new ways to woo her, to sweep her off her feet, to dazzle her to smithereens, to see that gentle smirk fall across her face and the sparkle to shine from her eye. He’d give her the world in a heartbeat…and splash a sky full of starry diamonds just for her viewing pleasure. Actually, He already has. But she’d rather have fake rubber chickens, plastic yard flamingos, the imitation Dr. Thunder soda, and big, trashy, plastic walmart rings. Who would ever walk away from a universe of love and wonder for something as cheap as that?

I would. I’m that whore. Don’t drop your jaw….you are too. WHY…ill say it again…WHY do we walk away from the One named Love, the One whose heartbeat pounds to the rhythm of love and redemption….all for the fake illusions of the world? WE MUST EXPOSE THE LIES. Why settle for the imitation when you can have the REAL THING!? These insignificant lovers have a variety of names…greed, lust, pride, envy, laziness, bitterness, gluttony, anger. Whats the name of your stupid boyfriend?

Fidelity. Its not just something we learn in an earthly marriage, once that ring slips onto our left hand. Its something we must learn day in and day out as we become a better bride for Christ. To live faithfully for one Lover. I have to be honest…i’m falling in love with the One named LOVE more and more each day. He has been chasing me since the day i was born, he chases me even when im chasing after something else, he never ceases to dazzle me with His glory, and pursue me with passionate redemption. He takes me back every time i come home to Him broken and bruised from another mishap with fake illusions. And these are just a few reasons why I’m in love with the Creator of the Universe. Those stars are shining just a little brighter for me tonight. I pray I’m never that scandalous adulterer again….but if I am, let me never be too prideful or ashamed to come back to my Lover to be wrapped in arms of grace and redemption once again.

 If you havent, read the book of Hosea.

Listen to an amazing musical rendition of this concept in the video below and view the lyrics here.

What’s YOUR lover’s name?


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