10 Minute Breather

Ok. So i have been ferociously running around trying to get things accomplished as well as meet every single scheduled obligation since sometime last week. I’m exhausted. This past weekend i didn’t have any down time because I had a conference friday night and saturday morning, and then had plans to hang out with a friend who came into town specifically to hang out with a bunch of us girls. Let me just explain that the way I debrief is by being by myself, doing nothing. Sleeping in, relaxing, enjoying the day, not focusing on any upcoming due dates or obligations. Just simply being alone, doing nothing. I guess they call it a “Sabbath.” Ok, i havent had one of those since sometime last week…or maybe the week before that. I seriously have been doing one thing after another, non-stop, for days and days and days. I know, you’re saying “Angie, just breathe. Calm down, dont stress.” Yes, that is very good advice. The thing is that I have a major design project due on Thursday, that yes, I did procrastinate on. So now you dont feel bad for me. Thats fine. But regardless, it has to get done. On top of that, all of the books i have to read, assignments that i have to finish, classes I have to attend, a new job I have to learn, a community that i have chosen to be apart of, ministry that i must serve at, as well as trying to find some time for God…and well…if theres anything left…i suppose Ill sleep a few hours here and there.

Seriously, its just not right.

And so I’m taking a 10 minute breather before i dive back into my design project..hopefully finishing 50% of the last leg of the assignment tonight, and then completely finalizing everything tomorrow. Well, it has to be finalized tomorrow. Its due Thursday. Stupid me. Then a long drive home, where I know I’ll just want to fall asleep and drive off the road….then doctors appointments. Will it ever end? Can i just sleep in? Please?? Seriously, im so exhausted. These 2 AM nights have got to stop. I’ve had way too many in a row. Things have to get done. Things have to get done. Things have to get done.

Then i remember Jesus. And how he told Martha (the busy bee) that Mary had chosen what was better…to sit at His feet. Man, will I ever get it right? Will I ever remember to keep the Main thing the main thing? I guess its at these times where I’ve got to remember He’s the only one who can sustain me in the craziness of this life. That I must also sacrifice things I love to do in order to be with Someone I love even more. That nothing is as important as just simply being in His presence…not even for the obligation of learning from him…but just simply to BE with Him. Priorities. Hmmm. If someone took a snapshot of my life this week, they’d think my main thing is school and obligations. But its not, its Him……or is it?

If someone took a snapshot of your life this week, what would be the “main thing?”


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