Someone orchestrating the symphony.

“Rumblings are more felt than heard and certainly never seen. They come to you through the souls of your feet into the depth of your soul. Only then do they open the eyes of your heart. They speak of a shift that is about to take place.” –Kembr, The Perils of Ayden (excerpt from Seizing your Divine Moment)

I cannot tell you how true and right this quote feels to me right now. I cannot explain why I feel that “Seizing Your Divine Moment” by Erwin McManus seems as if it were written specifically for me, specifically for this time. I cannot explain why I feel as though a handful of minor events in the past few months have accumulated to create a time such as this….as if the story is reaching a climax. I cannot explain why I agree with my friend Crystal’s statement when she says she feels as though we are apart of a giant game of chess, and each piece is lining up to the right position at the right time. I cannot explain why I feel as though the scary twists and turns of a rollercoaster are actually the most exciting, exhilarating moments of the ride.

I cannot explain any of this, yet I know it to be true deep in my bones. Things are moving. Shifting. Changing. As if someone much bigger and much wiser is orchestrating the symphony I’m in. As if someone knows my life and my personality better than i know myself. As if there is a whole other dimension to this life we live, and in it things are dramatically being stirred….and this stirring is penetrating the dimension of life we’re living in. As if the Kingdom of God is bigger than we can ever imagine, and Absolute Truth is something we’ll never fully be able to define…but it is still very much real. There is a story that transcends all of humanity.

Things are being flipped on their heads, there is a massive shift in the making, and yet I have a peace unexplained that resides deep in my soul. I have not heard the audible voice of God, or read words that clearly spell out my next step….but there is a rumbling and shaking all around me that is moving me in the direction I am supposed to go. And so when I do not clearly hear the voice of God or correctly understand how to analyze scripture in order to guide my next decision, I trust these rumblings and movings and changings and shiftings because I believe the God that cares so much about my next step is the God that is causing everything to stir in the first place. To seek God for my next step is to trust that He has already been guiding me on this journey all along.

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