“all my skies are gray”


When i was in elementary school and going into middle school, there were a few guys in our youth group who had a garage band. They were called the Fruity Bombs. Its crazy, because on days like these, one of their upbeat, punk-rock songs ALWAYS comes to my mind first…before any other song i’ve ever heard…this unknown “Fruity Bombs” song comes to mind. It goes something like this….

 Its a bad day,
Its a sad day,
All my skies are gray,
What a rotten day.

To be honest, thats the part I always sing on days like these. It applies even more to days that are cloudy, stormy, rainy days like today. And add on all the other crummy stuff, and i just cant help but sing this song. But for those few that grew up with me, if i were to ever bring up that song..and particulary that verse..and go on about how horrible the day was, they would immediately go into the next line of song:

But i wont get down,
I refuse to frown,
God is always there,
Thats my only prayer.

Sometimes its days like these that I want to keep singing the crappy part of the song and hit the “repeat” button. But thankfully I have people who surround me that shine a little light onto my gloomy little sad fest. Its not as bad as I tend to think, despite what my emotions tell me.

It might be an unknown garage band song, but i think those guys had their theology right on target. God is always there. Its the only prayer i have to cling to right now.


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