Coming to life.

So im going to be honest…for a while i havent felt like my devotions have been very productive. I mean, it just felt like it had become another thing to check of the to-do list. And i hated that. Thats not what a relationship is about is it? I have such a desire to be more intimate with God…and simply reading a chapter a night to say i’d done it just wasnt cutting it for me.

I talked to Crystal the other night about this, and she told me that she just prays for a while before she even starts reading the Word, and specifically prays that God would reveal Himself to her through her time of reading. And the thing that stuck out to me the most was that I don’t have to have a year long, month long, or even week long devotional plan mapped out. Its OKAY to skip around! (wow, my anti-structured mindset LOVES that!! haha.)

And so, thats what I decided to do….just spend some time praying BEFORE i even started reading. Man, it just changes my heart and prepares it for what I’m about to read. The Bible becomes less a text book and more a love letter when i pray beforehand.

So Wednesday I open up to the book of Jonah…which clearly speaks truth about the importance of obedience, and the trials it can cause for everyone if we try to go our own way. Last night this verse grabbed my heart–1 Chronicles 29:17 “I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity…” WOW. Talk about meeting me where I’m at.

Watch out…the Word is coming to life.


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