Black box

A thought that was discussed in last sunday’s sermon still has me thinking:

What if I had a black box in my heart?

You know…like a black box in a plane that emergency crews pull out of the wreckage of a plane. It has a detailed account of the errors in the plane’s system that ultimately led to its demise. What if we had one of those in our hearts? What would it say? Are all systems a “go” in my heart? Or are there tiny errors that will eventually accumulate and cause my life to tail-spin out of control and ultimately be destroyed? Will I one day be in utter wreckage of life and look back and say “i thought that was such a minor problem. if only i knew it would lead to this.” Its always the little things. The things that go unnoticed. The things that are avoided because of their lack of importance at the time.

What is my black box saying? What glitches do i need to get fixed? What wounds do i need to be healed? What addictions do i need freed from? What mindsets need to be changed? Are my relationships lacking my forgiveness? What habits need to be corrected? I, on my own, can not fix any of my system errors….er, that is, my life’s downfalls. But there is One whose grace is sufficient for me, whose mercy can restore all my errors if allowed to do so.

So what will your black box say at the end of your days?


2 thoughts on “Black box

  1. Wow, this really has me thinking about some certain things. Angie, can I just say that I think you are absulutely AMAZING? Like, you write down everything that I FEEL or have FELT at some time. I was like a looney looking through your blog archives because your words brought such a sense of comfort to my spirit. There is something about you…something so special that I can not pinpoint. Although I do know the source and they is our beautiful Jesus Christ!! He definitely shines through you….sooo much!! Thank you, thank you for sharing your heart. 🙂

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