New concept of grace

Last night at Thirst (our high school youth group) I heard grace explained in a whole new way. Megan was talking through the song “saving grace” and just saying how much she is drawn to the song…and she started saying “we can work and work and work and do everything right, yet we’re still NEVER going to measure up. NEVER. We’re going to fail, we’re going to mess up…and even when we think we’ve gotten everything right, we still will never be good enough.” She held her hand up to the level her eyes as she was explaining that in our own human-ness, we can only get so far. On our best behavior or our worst behavior, we’ll never reach God’s total perfection and holiness for our lives….as she talked about God’s perfect holiness for our lives megan stretched her other hand high above her head. Clearly her hands were at least a foot apart. Then she said this: “GRACE, something that is given freely that none of us deserve…GRACE is what bridges the gap from where our efforts and failures end and allows us to “measure up” to God’s perfect holiness. With that, she moved the hand that was at eye-level and stretched it high above her head.

I’ve never thought about grace like that. After seeing her explain it that way, this is kinda how i view it in my head….It’s like in our best efforts we’re still only going to make it 60%….but God’s grace bridges that extra 40%…and He sees us as a holy 100% because of the grace He has lavished on us. Will i ever be perfect? No. But thats where grace comes in. Some days i feel like i can’t even reach 3% on my own because of all my failures….but God’s grace makes up that 97% difference. Wow. Wherever we’re at, He is always adding grace to make up the difference and to bring us to 100%.

Maybe thats what grace is like. I always knew it was a free gift…but i guess i always thought of grace as “okay, you messed up, but ill let it slide this time because im showing you grace…but you’ll never be perfect cuz obviously look how many times you’ve messed up.” But grace in this perspective helps me realize that i will NEVER make it on my own, but YES, I CAN STILL MAKE IT….because of the extravagant grace God has poured out on me.

Wow. it makes so much sense.


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