listening to these voices wail

it was a pretty creative evening for me. My great friend Crystal gave me this WONDERFUL gift of the East Village Opera Company CD from itunes today, and even though i cant understand a word, each note, each beat, each melody moves me deep in my soul. Its crazy. She had me listen to a song earlier today up in the offices, and its sad to say that i think it was my first time to hear this group…but standing in that office, looking out the window and watching the tempermental clouds storm on by, and listening to these voices wail out the most beautiful sound in the universe….wow. It was as if God was standing right next to me just watching my face light up like a little kid on Christmas morning…and observing as my heart flooded with peace and passion. It was a holy moment.

 Tonight i’ve been listening to this CD over and over….and i actually was moved to paint. That never happens. But i did…and it turned out decent. Wow, i am just sooo so in love with creativity and the artistic talent he has put into this world.

If God is a Creator, and we are made in His image…would it not be correct to say that we are most like God when we create?


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