Some cheesy radio dj

its those lame Christian radio stations that just make me roll my eyes and wonder why some people have to make God seem so lame. it was just on my drive home that i was listening to the local Christian radio station and the dj was talking about people going through desert times in their lives, and how sometimes we just can’t feel God rain down on us…but we just have to believe and God just wants to rain and we should just be blessed by that and she just started rambling and not making sense but she just kept saying we just have to believe, and God just wants to rain down on us and the more she kept talking the more she just made it sound like you just have to trust harder and believe harder and if you really look hard you’ll see that God is raining blessings all over us……and i just wanted to say STOP TALKING!! ughhhh.

Why is it that so many times people just say we need to just have a little more faith or believe just a little bit harder…its as if they’ve never been through hard desert times. That everything is just peachy and you just arent a good enough Christian if you can’t see God in the midst of that. I mean, it just feels so tactless and harsh and so uncompassionate. Like they really know what a person is going through, like they really know how to get in touch with God in every single desert time. Come on.

What about my friend who has lost the love of her life? What about my friend who has been stripped of her voice just as she begins to pursue her calling to be a worship leader, and the doctors cant figure out whats wrong with her? What about me? I am so very lonely tonight and I keep praying and praying to meet an amazing Godly man who I can grow to love and laugh with and share life with?

I know God is here….but in these desert times, the last thing i want to hear is some cheesy radio dj telling me that i just need to pray harder, believe more, and have a little more faith. Guess ill just pop in a CD tomrorow and enjoy a little dj-free music.  


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