Can you help?


This year on September 14th I will be walking along side my friends at Kansas City’s Light the Night. This is an event put on in order to raise money for cancer research in hope that some day there will be a cure. I will be walking in memory of Brandon Eastland, the husband of my friend Megan Eastland. For any of you who know me or know my personal story, you know that Megan and the story of Brandon’s life and death has impacted me in ways words cannot even describe. You know that their story and the testimony of their lives for God has created a burning desire to be more like Christ in my own life.

Here’s how you can help. We are not required, but are encouraged to raise money for this event. Obviously, its one of the main reasons for the event…to raise money to further the research. Therefore, I am asking for your help in this. I am hoping to raise at least $500. I cannot do this alone. Please pray and consider giving money towards this cause. We all know it is a very very worthy cause, and it will change the lives of multitudes.

I am asking that you send the money, checks, etc. directly to me and I will make one large contribution to the event once i have collected them all. Or you can also go to and use your credit card. Again, I would appreciate any and all that you could give and I know that my friends, especially Megan, would be more than grateful for your role in this fight against cancer.

Its amazing to know that God has used a man that I never even met to impact my life and draw me near to Him. I am forever grateful that He has brought Megan into my life and I cant think of any better way to repay her and Brandon for living their lives for God in the midst of the tragedy of cancer. Please help me. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Can you help?

  1. Thank You for walking for Jennifer Gardner of Vancouver Wash.

    She’s my mom.

    She is fighting a battle with advanced Lymphoma.

    My sister Angie is running the SF Nike marathon for the L&L society in October and I’m going to be on the sidelines cheering and holding the banner reading my mom is going to beat it.(lymphoma)

    Thank you again

  2. wow….. sounds like a great cause. but i’m at seminary in massachusetts.
    saw your link through Anne Jackson’s recent post.
    so wanted to stop by and say “hey” from one chick in ministry to another.
    blessings in all you do.

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