Back at the ‘ole 9 to 5.

I’m sitting here at my “normal” job in the offices at MNU…back at the ‘ole 9 to 5…and i’m listening to one of the secretaries chew her friend out for not standing up to her attourney. She’s been “quietly” yelling into her phone for the last 20 minutes. And i can hear every word. Sitting in this office, surrounded by secretaries who have the most hopeless looks on their faces, I could easily lose hope as well. I get this crummy feeling inside. It probably doesnt help that this office doesnt have windows.

But i am reminded that there is honor in doing the meaningless jobs that no one recognizes. My friend, Megan, reminded me that Nehemiah tasted wine for the king for years before he was ever heard…before his vision to rebuild the temple wall was ever made a reality. I’m sure he thought that his job was meaningless and hopeless. After all, the whole point of his job was to test the wine to make sure that the king wouldnt die from poisoning. So really…his job was hopeless…because if he fulfilled his entire job description, he would surely end up dead.

I feel dead here in this office. I feel that my vision and dream is calling me to go make a difference, yet I’m sitting here in this office with no work to do…just listening to griping, and gossip, and other rediculous things that just make me want to gag. (side note: that secretary just slammed down the phone and said “G**, you are OUT THERE and LOST IN SPACE!” *i roll my eyes*) But anyways…this is the place I’m at right now…and I am called to excel in whatever area I am placed in. That means going the second mile on even these trivial little tasks, putting forth my best effort, and taking initiative to make this job a positive experience.

There will be a day when God places me in a position and calls me to run with my vision and passions, but today I must simply wait. I must do well in the little things so that someday I can be trusted in the big things. I must develop that passion, step into the small roles where God wants to develop me…so that someday I will be effective at carrying out the call God has placed on my life.

The life of God does not end when a “mountain top” experience does. Summer was great…but winter is coming. Like Rob Bell says in his latest NOOMA video “Today”….(in my own words)…”Don’t live in yesterday. Today is a gift. If yesterday needs to be celebrated, celebrate it! If yesterday needs to be grieved over, grieve. But until we stop holding on so tight to the things that happened yesterday, we can’t fully embrace today.”

WOW…so true, Rob, so true.


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