Rainchecks don’t cut it.

Along the lines of having a lot to learn….when will I learn that rainchecks just don’t cut it when it comes to God? Or that extra credit doesn’t apply to the goodness of my character.

I’m constantly on the go. Sure, its from one ministry to another..or from one friend to another..or from brainstorming fun youth things at work to planning outside of work. Its all great. Its all important in furthering the kingdom of God. But why does my mind forget so often what my heart knows for sure…that DOING isn’t what God is all about. Its about BEING. Being with God. I mean, dont get me wrong..its not like i think that WORKS will get me anywhere or that the more i’m involved the more extra credit i get, but so often i go and go and go, and by the end of the day I’m just asking God for a raincheck.

Its not that I’m overcommitting myself or that im over working or anything like that, its just that I am realizing that maybe my priorities arent exactly right. Of course my deepest desire is to spend time with God. I can’t wait to see what He speaks to me about each night. But maybe my actions aren’t showing that. By the time I get there each night, I’m so tired that I’m lucky if i finish reading, let alone journaling or praying about it.

Man, i’ve got a lot to learn.  Rainchecks just don’t cut it.


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