God is GOOD.

A million thoughts come to my mind when i think about the things God is doing in my life lately, but no words come out. So rather than ramble about nothing, I just want to wave my towel and say God is GOOD.


One thought on “God is GOOD.

  1. Bingo! You got it. You asked in a previous “Late Night” blog: What does it mean God is good? This statement couldn’t be simpler and yet it can be bafflingly profound. But you just said it…you said it, without saying it, well because you can’t really.

    God like goodness is quite beyond any concept (that is why you really can’t have a TRUE concept of goodness). You know goodness when you see it you just can’t describe it, kind of like the flavor of sugar.

    Here is a question: What is good in your life, the people, your home, your current circumstances or something else? I think you’ll find it is not what is IN your life that is good but what you do WITH your life that is good. Therefore when you are living your life with goodness you are living your life in God.

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