My ice cream family.


Today on my drove home, I followed a little piece of heaven. Ok, so it was an ice cream truck. And for those of you who know me, ice cream isnt really a big thing for me. But today…well today was different. I dont know what it was about this Belfonte ice cream truck, but something about the 3-foot-wide scoops of ice cream on the back seemed glorious. I wish i had a picture of the actual back of the truck…this picture isnt the picture i saw…this just doesnt do it justice. I mean, these ice cream scoops were beautiful. I dont know what it was about it…maybe it was the mint-chocolate chip scoop that especially seemed to be calling out to me. Or maybe it was the slogan that said “Family Made Just For You.” (Really? I can be apart of an ice cream family …, really? Where do i sign up?)

Again, this probably seems really strange to be coming from me, because I’m just not an ice cream person. But today, I was ready to sign the legal documents and join into this amazing ice cream family…mint chocolate chip, strawberry swirl, rocky road, tin roof sunday, chocolate-peanut butter, cookie dough, and all.

The funny thing is that i only followed this truck for maybe two minutes…but you see the impression it had on me. I can still envision the picture on the back. In fact, at one point in my stalkerish following of this truck, i nearly missed the fact that it slammed on its breaks. But i noticed and slowed down as well…dont worry. But thats not what got my attention the most…it was when the truck turned off an exit and i naturally turned my blinker on and was taking the exit as well when i realized that it wasnt the exit i needed! I needed the next exit! Talk about a wake up call.

What’s enticing you to get off on the wrong road?


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