The frizz.

Its been…oh…something like 3 weeks since i’ve straightened my hair. Thats a pretty big accomplishment for me. If you know me, I tend to like my hair straight. (although I am growing quite fond of my curly lockes now that its long.) Well Mexico, Texas, and a rain-filled Kansas are not the places for my straight brown hairs to stay straight. So yesterday, being a saturday filled with no plans, i just decided to straighten my hair for the fun of it…knowing that it was pouring down rain outside. But surely the few minutes running to and from my car and the store wouldnt be a big deal for my nicely straightened hair..right?

Wrong. Two seconds and Miss Frizzle showed up. As in…my hair looked like a nasty dog tail. What a waste of 10 minutes of straightener use.

When am I gonna learn that i have curly hair?

What are you still learning to accept about yourself?


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