Stupid Prayers

So i’m an idiot.

Yeah basically, thats what it comes down to. I’ve been starting to pray stupid prayers. When i say stupid prayers i dont mean “God, bring me a 6′ tall man with blue eyes and brown hair.” I dont mean “God, I’d sure like a Dodge Charger.” And I dont mean “Could it please stop raining, God?”

No. I mean reckless abandonment of anything nice, and comfy and of the flesh. I mean nothing held back. The kinds of prayers that you think “can i just eat what i said?…i dont know if im ready for that.” The kind of prayers that cry “break me, strip me of myself, wreck my life in such a way that my only hope is you, bring trials, bring suffering if it means I will cling more and more to you and less and less to myself.”

So i’m an idiot.


One thought on “Stupid Prayers

  1. yeah those are very stupid prayers but as someone who has prayed them, i don’t regret it at all. but the initia AHHHHH is hard to walk but He will get you through. amen girl.

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